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Successful Family Law, Criminal Law, & Mediation Services 

During adverse times, put a qualified and experienced attorney on your side. The Law Office of Steven C. Copenhaver in Georgetown, Texas, successfully represents clients in family and criminal law matters. Steven C. Copenhaver provides assistance and communication every step of the way, from the initial consultation to case resolution.

Family, Family Law

Family Law

• Divorce (Contested & Non-Contested)
• Custody
• Modifications
• Child Support
• Adoption & Parental Termination

• Change of Venue

• Protective Orders
• Enforcements
Criminal Law (Felonies & Misdemeanors)
• Domestic Violence
• Theft Offenses
• Drug Crimes

• Traffic Offenses
• Assault

Wills & Probate
• Wills
• Durable Power of Attorney

• Medical Power of Attorney
• Declaration of Guardian

• Directives to Physicians

Criminal Law


Handshaking, Mediation Counseling

Bring your legal issues to a quick resolution with mediation services from The Law Office of Steven C. Copenhaver. Steven C. Copenhaver is a state-qualified mediator.

Mediation is especially beneficial in divorce cases and is proven to be a positive tool for resolving a variety of contested matters, such as custody and visitation rights. Furthermore, the courts typically order mediation prior to trial. Let The Law Office of Steven C. Copenhaver help you and your spouse come to a mutual settlement.

Contact our law office to put our dedicated and professional team to work for you through effective criminal and family law services.